Youtube Keyword Research Tagalog – YCM episode 4.2

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Youtube Keyword Research Tagalog – YCM episode 4.2. Another episode ng ating youtube channel manager series kung saan diniscuss ko kung paano mag keyword research sa YouTube. Nag bigay ako ng limang paraan pano mag keyword research (including keyword tools)para mas malaman nyo ano ang magagandang keywords na gamitin para sa videos ng clients nyo.

Make sure to watch episode 4.1 first
How to Rank In Youtube Search – Tagalog – YCM EP 4.1

Episode 0: Mga tasks at ginagawa ko as youtube channel manager + hourly rates ko:
Episode 1: Intro:
Episode 1.5 Chapters:
Episode 2: Basics Terms in Youtube: (eto yan video)
Episode 3 part 1: How to create YouTube Channel -Thumbnail – Channel page – Upload videos

Episode 3 part 2: End Screen – Cards – Playlists and Youtube Channel Settings | YCM EP 3 pt 2

Episode 4: Youtube Algorithm:
Episode 4.1 YouTube Search:
Episode 4.2 (Eto yung video na yun)
Coming soon Episodes
Episode 4.3: Video SEO
Episode 5: Canva Tutorial
Episode 6: Thumbnails
Episode 7: Real time / Publish
Episode 8: Individual check ng performance ng videos
Episode 9: Analytics
Episode 10: Trending / Good performing videos
Episode 11: Keyword and Topic Research
Episode 12 Types of Clients / Paano kumikita
Episode 13: Viewers persona
Episode 14: Rates ( Hourly / Fix price)
Episode 15: How to Apply
Episode 16: How to create portfolio
Episode 17: Video editing software
premier pro: ( mas in demand ang premier)
Episode 18: Search / Browse / Suggested (Advance Imagination)
Episode 19: Average View Duration / Audience retention
Episode 20: External Views
Episode 21: Reporting

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