Windows 11 – What You NEED To Know! TPM, Features and What's NOT So Great.

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Microsoft’s Windows 11 is coming soon. Some say it’s just a “glorified theme pack”. Is this really true? And what’s the big deal about TPM and Secure Boot? Are there any features worth upgrading for? Is it just a theme redesign or some changes are dramatic? What about clipboard history, adding a new desktop, private messages to family members – are there any major improvements here to the feature side? Find out now!
I’ll also show you how you can install Windows 11 even though you have a red mark for TPM or Secure Boot. Many computers have these deactivated but you can activate these yourself in the bios. I’ll show you how.

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00:00 Windows 11 – The Ultimate Review
01:06 Checking Compatibility for Windows 11
02:23 What Is a TPM and Secure Boot
04:25 Taskbar, Start Menu, Action Center
05:20 The New Settings App
06:16 New Touch-Friendly Experience
07:26 Clipboard History, GIFs and more
08:06 Snap Presets and Snap Groups
08:34 Dictation With Auto Punctuation
09:22 Chat with Microsoft Teams
10:44 File Explorer Improvements
11:39 Virtual Desktops
12:33 Gaming: Auto HDR and Direct Storage
12:50 Android Apps In Microsoft Store
13:54 Wrap Up

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