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Bounce rates and bounce handling is a critical point to take care if you want to run a professional and successful email marketing campaign.

What is a Bounced Email?
Simply, when you send an email to someone, and it’s not delivered to any reason, it will bounce back. So it’s called a bounced email.

Why Emails Bounce?
The Main Reason for is when the target recipient’s email is not available or doesn’t exist. Sometimes the target email is temporarily down, so you get a Soft Bounce, and if it doesn’t exist at all, it will be a Hard Bounce.

The main thing that you must know is that Bounce rate will have a significant effect on your email marketing system, because higher bounce rates may get you blacklisted and make your IP and Domain Reputation lower. And this will cause your emails to be marked as spam.

In this video I will go over email bouncing in detail, I will explain what exactly is bouncing, what are different bounce email types, what is bounce handling? and how email bounce rates can hurt your email marketing? and I will share you’re my 4 Top Tips to decrease Bounce rates.

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