Tricks to pay off credit card debt fast

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When your expenses get a little out of hand, either due to medical bills, shopping sprees or in cases of unexpected emergencies, it takes a toll on both your emotional and physical well-being. Although it might feel overwhelming and impossible to deal with, you can handle your debt the same way you handle everything else. And that’s one step at a time. You only have to come up with a great plan and go with it. In this video, we give you a few tips and tricks to use to pay off debt. Enjoy!

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(00:36) 1. Set a goal
(01:43) 2. Use the Snowball Method
(03:50) 3. Try the Avalanche Method
(04:32) 4. Consider the Credit card consolidation loan
(05:23) 5. Use the Balance Transfer Credit Card
(06:16) 6. Halt any and all use of your credit cards
(07:10) 7. Trim your expenses
(08:12) 8. Create a budget
(08:55) 9. Get a side hustle to increase your income
(09:49) 10. Sell your stuff

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