Signs You Are Poor And How To Fix It

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A great percentage of people breeze through life, surviving from one pay to another, thinking things are financially ok, but in reality, they are broke. In this video, we’ll share with you signs you are broker than you think. Enjoy!

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(01:00) 1. You Use Credit Cards Every Month
(03:06) 2. You Aren’t Able to Cover Your Basic Bills
(04:16) 3. Your Paycheck Ends as Soon as It In
(05:02) 4. Your Mindset Isn’t Right
(05:47) 5. There’s No more to Cut
(07:08) 6. You Have no Assets
(07:49) 7. You Can’t Handle an Emergency
(08:19) 8. You are Always Worried about Money
(08:51) 9. You Don’t Have Financial Goals

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