Redux Tutorial – Learn Redux from Scratch

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Redux tutorial – Learn redux from scratch.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:02 What is Redux?
0:03:20 Pros and Cons of Redux
0:08:49 Is Redux for You?
0:11:18 Setting Up the Development Environment
0:13:07 Course Structure
0:15:32 Function Programming
0:15:59 What is Functional Programming?
0:17:25 Functions as First-Class Citizens
0:20:33 Higher-order Functions
0:22:06 Functional Composition
0:25:45 Composing and Piping
0:28:08 Currying
0:34:17 Pure Functions
0:37:08 Immutability
0:41:22 Updating Objects
0:45:56 Updating Arrays
0:49:51 Enforcing Immutability
0:50:56 Immutable.js
0:54:36 Immer
0:57:30 Redux Intro
0:57:55 Redux Architecture
1:02:58 Your First Redux Application
1:04:43 Designing the Store
1:06:10 Defining the Actions
1:09:37 Creating a Reducer
1:15:50 Creating the Store
1:17:16 Dispatching Actions
1:20:02 Subscribing to the Store
1:22:10 Action Types
1:26:03 Action Creators
1:29:01 Exercise
1:29:18 Solution

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