If you’re experiencing issues with the event of a Picker control in .NET MAUI, there could be a few potential reasons and solutions:

  1. Verify event subscription: Make sure you have subscribed to the correct event of the Picker control. The event might have a different name or signature than what you are expecting. Double-check the event name and parameters to ensure they match your code.
  2. Check the event handler code: Review the code in your event handler to ensure it is handling the event correctly. Make sure you are accessing the correct properties or performing the desired actions within the event handler.
  3. Confirm the event is raised: Check that the event you are trying to handle is actually being raised. Ensure that you have set up the event correctly in your XAML or code-behind and that the event is triggered when the appropriate action occurs (e.g., item selection in the Picker).
  4. Test with a simple scenario: Create a minimal working example with a Picker control and a simple event handler. Verify that the event is working as expected with basic code. If it works in a simple scenario, gradually add complexity until you identify the specific cause of the issue.
  5. Debugging and logging: Place breakpoints or logging statements in your event handler and surrounding code to track the flow of execution. Check if any exceptions or unexpected behavior occurs during event invocation or event handler execution. This can help identify any issues that may be causing the event to fail.
  6. Update to the latest version: Ensure that you are using the latest version of .NET MAUI and its associated packages. It’s possible that the issue you are encountering has been addressed in a newer version. Updating to the latest version can help resolve known bugs or issues.

If the issue persists or you need further assistance, please provide more details about the specific error or behavior you are experiencing, along with the relevant code snippets.

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