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How do you make money on the stock market? Many new investors dream of making millions on the stock market by trading stocks. How is this done correctly? Are there any pitfalls in this method of money-making? These are some of the questions and more we attempt to answer in this video. Enjoy!

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(00:41) What is a stock or share?
(01:03) Where are they sold?
(01:29) What determines the price of a single share?
(02:21) Who ensures that the stock’s price is fair and not maliciously manipulated?
(04:51) who protects the average investors against criminals and fraudsters?
(05:24) What does it mean to buy low and sell high?
(05:43) What are the differences between day trading and long term?
(06:30) What is the long term?
(07:03) What is short-short selling?
(07:15) Why can it make a lot of money?
(07:51) How risky is short-selling?
(08:13) How do investors make money from dividends?
(08:42) How to get more shares while not spending any money?
(09:10) What happens if someone offers me money for my shares?
(09:48) What are the different techniques to make money on the stock market?
(10:18) What is fundamental analysis trading?

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