HOW TO INSTALL: WiFi Smart Duplex Receptacle – Eaton (Mike Holmes Approved)

How To Install

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Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart duplex receptacle 15A duplex receptacle installation. It works with Alexa, and there’s no hub required.

Designs Features:

Frustration-Free Setup: Just turn on your device and set up is simple using the Amazon Alexa App
No hub required: Quickly and easily set up a wide variety of smart-home lighting control devices without hubs or controllers
Voice control: Just ask Alexa to turn your lights ON/OFF or brighten/dim lights when used with any Alexa built-in device​
Easy installation: LED indicators confirm proper installation and eliminate callbacks
Personalization: Schedule lights to go on and off-and even dim-to fit a daily routine
Up-to-date: Ensure you have the latest features and peak device performance through over the air updates
Ratings: Neutral wire required for installations; compatible with LED/CFL up to 450W and INC/HAL/FLR/MLV/ELV up to 600W
Compatible with accessory dimmer (WACD) or standard 3-way switch to control lights from two or more locations
Preset whether your device comes on or stays off following a power outage
Adjust how long lights stay on to allow for a safe, convenient exit


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