How to Composer Install Error Require ext-curl missing – Solved

It seems like you encountered an error while running composer install due to the missing ext-curl requirement. This error occurs because the curl PHP extension is not installed on your system, and some packages in your composer.json file requires it.

To solve this issue, you need to install the curl PHP extension. The steps to do this depend on your operating system and PHP installation method. Below are the general instructions for some common setups:

  1. For PHP installed on a Linux system using apt:
   sudo apt-get install php-curl
  1. For PHP installed on a Linux system using yum:
   sudo yum install php-curl
  1. For PHP installed on macOS using Homebrew:
   brew install php-curl
  1. For PHP installed using XAMPP or WAMP on Windows:
    a. Locate your php.ini file. You can usually find it in the PHP installation directory.
    b. Open php.ini in a text editor.
    c. Search for the following line and remove the semicolon (;) if it exists: ;extension=curl Change it to: extension=curl d. Save the file and restart your web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.) and PHP.
  2. For PHP installed on Windows with PHP Manager:
    a. Open the PHP Manager in IIS.
    b. Go to “Extensions” and find “curl”.
    c. Click “Enable” to install the extension.

Once you have installed the curl extension, run composer install again, and the error should be resolved. Composer will be able to install the required packages without any issues.