Full Stack Photobook App | Vue, GraphQL, AWS Amplify

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Build and deploy a full stack Photobook app built with Vue.js, GraphQL& AWS Amplify

Program With Erik YouTube Channel


AWS Workshop:

0:00 Overview of Application
1:32 Setup
4:04 Overview of AWS Services
06:10 Install Tools
11:36 Amplify Configuration
16:03 Configure Vue App With Amplify
18:45 Authentication
20:00 Adding AWS Cognito To App
24:50 Add Authentication To Vue
27:42 Setting up Auth Vuex Store
41:29 Creating Login Component
49:17 Setup Routes
51:51 Create Signup Page
01:04:20 Creating Nav Component
01:11:57 Adding Route Guards
01:17:45 GraphQL and Storage
01:18:42 Add AWS Storage
01:20:15 Add AWS App Sync
01:22:46 Updating GraphQL Schema
01:27:46 Mocking GraphQL API with Playground
01:38:17 Adding Album Vuex store
01:49:43 Update Albums page
02:05:25 Update AlbumsDetails page
02:14:39 Testing out album feature
02:15:44 Lambda Function
02:17:00 Adding Lambda in AWS Amplify
02:20:00 Update Amplify Photo Processor
02:22:45 Update amplify storage
02:24:31 Update cloud formation template
02:29:20 Testing App E2E

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