Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads!

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Have you ever wondered if you can target your YouTbe followers with Facebook Ads??
Simply because this will be very powerful as you are targeting to people who know you and probably likes your content. so you can simply increase your Facebook Ads conversion rates.

In this video, I will show you how you can target not only your YouTube audience with Facebook ads but anyone who clicks on any link on your website using short links and Facebook pixels.

What’s Covered in this video:
Introduction 0:00
What is covered? 1:30
What is Facebook retargeting? 2:06
What is Facebook Pixel? 4:43
Retarget Youtube audience with Facebook ads 6:14
Direct Example 7:38
Another Example – Target Link Visitors 10:45
Best URL Shortening services 11:52

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