Email Marketing For Beginners: Watch me sending a campaign with 56% Open Rate!

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In this “Email Marketing For Beginners” video, I will run a campaign live with you to see how I send an email marketing campaign to get a high sending score up and to 56% open rate following my best practices and email marketing tips before sending any email marketing campaign.

What’s covered:
Introduction 0:00
My Email Marketing System 1:22
Create the Email 2:13
Write a perfect Subject Line 2:42
Write my email body 4:14
IMPORTANT Tips before you send 7:00
Generate Text version in mautic 7:07
Test inbox, spam, or promotion 7:32
Send a test email 9:59
test sending score 10:50
Create an A/B split Test in mautic 11:40
sum up and send 13:15
Results after 24 hours 14:01

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