Device-Shadow-for-AWS-IoT-embedded-sdk – Consumer library for utilizing AWS IoT Shadow service on embedded gadgets

The AWS IoT Device Shadow library lets you retailer and retrieve the present state (the “shadow”) of each registered gadget. The gadget’s shadow is a persistent, digital illustration of your gadget you could work together with from AWS IoT Core even when the gadget is offline. The gadget state is captured as its “shadow” inside a JSON doc. The gadget can ship instructions over MQTT to get, replace and delete its newest state in addition to obtain notifications over MQTT about adjustments in its state. Each gadget’s shadow is uniquely recognized by the identify of the corresponding “thing”, a illustration of a selected gadget or logical entity on the AWS Cloud. See Managing Devices with AWS IoT for extra info on IoT “thing”. More particulars about AWS IoT Device Shadow could be present in AWS IoT documentation. This library is distributed beneath the MIT Open Source License. Note: From v1.1.0 launch onwards, you’ll be able to used named shadow, a characteristic of the AWS IoT Device Shadow service that lets you create a number of shadows for a single IoT gadget.







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