bitclout-visualizing-hodlers – Visualizing BitClout 🪙☁️ HODLers

BitClout is a brand new kind of a social community that permits you to speculate on (the price of) folks and posts with actual cash. It’s constructed from the bottom up as its personal customized blockchain. Its structure is just like Bitcoin’s, besides it helps advanced social community fashions like posts, profiles, follows, hypothesis options, and way more at a considerably greater throughput and scale. Like Bitcoin, BitClout is a totally open-source challenge and there’s no firm behind it — it is simply cash and code. Since it is creation in March of 2021, hundreds of traders swarmed the platform with thousands and thousands of {dollars}. Looking to speculate ourselves, we have been which content material creator cash have been more than likely going to extend in worth. To do that, we have now to watch an important truth about BitClout. BitClout is a social community revolving round content material creators and their supporters, HODLers, individuals who hodl (maintain) their cash. The extra hodlers a content material creator has the extra their coin is price. We can mannequin the BitClout group as a graph the place nodes are represented by content material creators and traders, and edges by connections between them. If we will predict which new connections are going to kind we will generate a revenue by shopping for the cash of undervalued content material creators and promoting them as soon as they improve in worth.









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