Being Cheap Won’t Make You A Millionaire Here’s What Will

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“You need to live below your means to become rich”? Wrong. Just don’t buy random stuff. Money is a tool that you can use, and conventional wisdom won’t make you a millionaire. Sure, there are habits that you can adopt to improve your chances of making it, but nothing can magically make you a million dollars.

Money management is a fundamental skill that can change your life, and advice like “spend as little as possible” and “don’t buy a daily coffee” just lies. Finally, following Instagram pages with quotes from rich people is as useful as doing nothing. The difference between people that make it and people that don’t stand in their actions. Are you taking massive action, or are you taking smaller steps just to stay in your comfort zone?

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(00:40) Why People Prefer Quotes To Action
(03:04) Why Living below Your Means Won’t Make You A Millionaire
(04:23) Practice Success
(05:21) So What Should You Really Do?
(05:40) Millionaires Don’t Want To Impress Others
(06:40) Millionaires Exercise
(07:55) Millionaires Don’t Think Conventionally
(09:19) You Need to Change Friends group

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