25 Signs You’re Meant to Be an Entrepreneur

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In today’s video, we are going to share with you 25 signs you might be an Entrepreneur. Enjoy!

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(0:26) You are Able to Start Things Off By Yourself
(0:49) You are Passionate
(1:34) You have good people skills
(2:03) You’re Persistent
(2:47) Creativity
(3:21) You’re Competitive by nature
(3:58) You’re hardworking
(4:25) You Can Handle Risk
(4:50) You Have Confidence
(5:16) You’re a problem solver
(5:50) You’re a dreamer
(6:14)You’re never happy staying in your comfort zone
(6:54) You See Opportunity Everywhere
(7:15) You are Self-driven
(7:50) Decisiveness
(8:21) Persuasiveness
(8:47) Vision
(9:09) You are Versatile
(9:52) You are a team player
(10:18) You like the company of smart people
(10:39) You value time
(11:08) You enjoy serious conversation
(11:37) You don’t mind obstacles and challenges
(12:13) You are always looking for opportunities
(12:38) You embrace change

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