15 Signs you are richer than you think

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Maybe you think it means being in the top 1% of earners in some of the wealthiest cities in the world. Maybe it means being able to buy a flashy mansion or spend your life flitting from luxury vacation to luxury vacation. Well, in this video, we’ll be looking signs you might be richer than you think. Enjoy!

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(00:43) It is possible to save money
(01:43) You can be able to lead a comfortable life on a budget.
(02:37) In the end you will be able to afford the things you really want.
(03:17) You’re going to be able to afford to retire as planned
(04:00) You aren’t motivated purely by money
(04:37) You view money as an ally
(05:26) You aren’t stuck
(05:52) You don’t carry a lot of debt
(06:18) You can live comfortably below your means
(06:57) You can save easily
(07:17) You’re tenacious
(08:01) You use your time to harness effective results
(08:21) You save to invest
(08:41) You Have a Sense of Urgency
(09:25) Operate On a Different Level Than Others

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