14 things to avoid at all costs if you want to be stinking rich

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Building wealth demands self-discipline. The road that leads to riches might be bumpy. But the journey to getting rich could be exciting if you put your mind to it. In this video, you will learn the things you must avoid at all costs if you want to be stinking rich.

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(01:46) A Negative Mindset
(02:24) Blame
(03:13) Instant Gratification
(03:54) Disregard for mentorship
(04:48) Fear
(05:22) Poor Spending Habits
(05:53) Comfort zone syndrome
(06:33) Wrong choice of Friends
(07:18) Passing Negative Judgment on others
(07:48) Giving Excuses
(08:50) Procrastination
(09:20) Living a Fake life
(09:50) Too much planning
(10:12) Overworking

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