12 Secrets the middle class and poor don’t know about money

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Today, we share with you some of the greatest secrets held by rich people. If you think you’re poor or in the middle class, make sure you watch till the end. Enjoy!

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(00:34) Money should work for you.
(01:41) Time is valuable
(02:30) Spend within your means
(03:29) Streams of income
(04:05) Seeking expert financial advice
(04:46) Working as an employee might not make you rich
(05:37) Positive attitude
(06:16) Refuse to be comfortable if you want to make money
(06:53) You don’t need a lot of money to start investing
(07:44) Money should not be left idle in a savings account
(08:19) Make use of other people’s money
(09:06) Salary will not give you wealth

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