12 Reasons why you should spend more time alone

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In this video, we’ll give you reasons why should spend more time alone. Enjoy!

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(00:04) Your brain needs rest time so it can function well
(00:50) It’s important for self-development
(01:37) Alone time can help us deal with stress and anxiety
(02:50) It can improve how we relate to other people
(03:30) It gives you the space to look at the bigger picture
(04:02) You learn how to live in alignment with your life purpose
(04:32) You learn how to become who you are and not who the world thinks you should be
(05:32) You discover that you are bigger than all your problems
(06:36) You discover the value and power of silence
(07:10) You learn how to honour and respect yourself
(07:56) Boosts creativity
(09:27) You learn how to let go

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