11 Rich People Habits You Need To Try

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Self-made millionaires fascinate me with their daily habits. They aren’t more special, smarter, hardworking, or more genetically gifted (although you might argue some are). What makes them standout to me besides their money is their habits and mentality. In today’s video, we’ll look into some of their habits which you can apply into your life. Enjoy!

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(0:36) Become a Risk-taker
(1:22) Become an Early Riser
(2:38) Health is Wealth
(3:46) Simplicity and Minimalism
(4:47) Financial Literacy
(5:31) Become Goal-Oriented
(6:26) Self-Improvement
(7:12) Value Your Time
(8:18) Value of Relationships and Network
(9:05) The act of never giving up
(9:47) Time and Value

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