11 Lies you’ve been told about success

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Success is a goal we all wish to attain, whether in school, business, marriage, and life in general, we all desire to succeed. And although success has its requisites, such as working hard, in today’s video, we’ll be looking into a few common lies about success you might believe to be true. Enjoy!

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(0:03) Focus on the future
(0:56) Cancel your free time
(2:16) Work creates success
(3:19) You have to sink with your ship
(4:32) Success is for the one percent
(5:36) Nice Guys Finish Last
(6:16) Money brings happiness
(6:58) Fake it till you make it
(7:49) Stick to what you know
(8:53) You need luck to be successful
(9:41) People will like you more once you’re successful

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