10 Signs You Are The Boss Pet

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In today’s video, we are going to share with you, 10 signs you might be the boss pet. Enjoy!

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(1:39) The management gets information
(2:05) The boss trust the favourite
(2:21) They see potential
(2:54) You are included in more meeting than your colleagues
(3:23) You are chosen for all important projects
(4:01) You are their go-to person in a crisis
(4:27) You are invited on out of town trips or to conferences
(4:56) You are asked your opinion or input more than anyone else’s
(5:21) They let you be forthright
(5:47) You have unique freedoms
(6:12) You tend to be first in line for perks
(6:32) They give you the inside scoop
(6:54) They share personal information with you
(7:31) Share the limelight where you can
(8:05) Be able to say no
(8:25) Try to remain professional
(8:42) Remain trustworthy
(9:09) Find out if you are really a victim
(9:30) Do not be angry at the favoured colleague


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